iFluor™ 488 叠氮化物
规格1 mg价格3540
Ex (nm)491Em (nm)518

简要概述 Although FITC is still the most popular fluorescent labeling dye for preparing green fluorescent bioconjugates, there are certain limitations with FITC, such as severe photobleaching for microscope imaging and pH-sensitive fluorescence. Protein conjugates prepared with iFluor™ 488 dyes (Ex/Em=491 nm/520 nm) are far superior compared to conjugates of fluorescein derivatives such as FITC. iFluor™ 488 conjugates are significantly brighter than fluorescein conjugates and are much more photostable. Additionally, the fluorescence of iFluor™ 488 is not affected by pH (4-10). This pH insensitivity is a major improvement over fluorescein, which emits its maximum fluorescence only at pH above 9. iFluor™ 488 azide dye is reasonably stable and shows good reactivity and selectivity with alkyne group for click chemistry applications. The iFluor™ 488 dyes are an excellent replacement to the Alexa Fluor dyes that have the identical spectral properties ( Alexa Fluor® is the trademark of Invitrogen).

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