iFluor™ 660 胺
规格1 mg价格2340
Ex (nm)662Em (nm)678

简要概述 AAT Bioquest's iFluor™ dyes are optimized for labeling proteins, in particular, antibodies. These dyes are bright, photostable and have minimal quenching on proteins. They can be well excited by the major laser lines of fluorescence instruments (e.g., 350, 405, 488, 555 and 633 nm). iFluor™ 660 family has the spectral properties essentially identical to those of Alexa Fluor® 660 (Alexa Fluor® is the trademark of Invitrogen).  iFluor™ 660 family has fluorescence that is pH-independent from pH 3 to 11. These spectral characteristics make this new dye family an excellent alternative to Alexa Fluor® 660. iFluor™ 660 amine is stable and used for modifying carbonyl groups (e.g., aldehyde and carboxy groups).

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